Friday, January 22, 2010

Massachusetts Senate Race

For all of you thinking the outcome of a Republican winning the seat of the late Senator Teddy Kennedy in Massachusetts was some kind of referendum against President Obama, are one hundred percent wrong. I don’t believe true Democrats voted for a Republican, they just didn’t vote.

Democrats are angry about the way Congressional and Senate Democrats allowed themselves to be bullied and outright ran over by Republicans in regards to the Health Care Bill, even though Democrats controlled both Houses and the Presidency. I, and many more Democrats had already said, if the Health Care Bill doesn’t include a public option, we will not be voting for any incumbent Democrat. If there are no Democrats challenging a Democrat incumbent, we will just stay home and won’t vote.
It’s amazing to me how the Democrats just caved in to the Republicans, masquerading as Blue Dog Democrats and Conservative Democrats. Why is it that there are no Red Dog Republicans or Liberal Republicans? The final conclusion to all of this is that we voted in gutless Democrats, the same thing will not happen in the 2010 election.

Democrats are angry about the sweetheart deal delivered to Senator Mary Landrieu (D) Louisiana. Senator Landrieu was steadfast against the Health Care bill because of the public option until she was bribed with a $100 Million deal for the state of Louisiana. Where is the integrity, I’m against the public option, but for $100 Million, I can be persuaded? It’s a dam shame Senator Landrieu didn’t see the need to fight for a bribery deal after hurricane Katrina.

Democrats are angry about the sweetheart deal delivered to Senator Ben Nelson (D) Nebraska in regards to the Federal Government paying 100% of the cost of Medicaid in Nebraska, while other states will pay 2.2 percent of the price to expand the program to millions of uninsured Americans. Senator Nelson is essentially saying, I’m against the bill with the public option and the abortion language in it, but I can be bribed. There is no integrity with these people; they’re just a bunch of puppets dangling from a string selling America out for the all mighty dollar.

I’m in search of anyone who can explain to me how that’s different from when former President Bush proclaimed he had the coalition of the willing with him leading up to the invasion of Iraq. Every country who participated in the invasion got Billions for their country from America; therefore it was bribery.

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