Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Bill Passes, Finally!!!

The passing of President Obama’s Health Care Plan has definitely proven one thing to me; the majority of Republicans and Teabaggers are out-right racists. To call these despicable people anything else would be a misuse of the English language.

From the time the first Black President in the history of this nation was sworn in, we as Americans haven’t witnessed such hatred since Congress passed a bill abolishing SLAVERY.

It’s hard for me to distinguish the difference between the suicide bomber that strap a bomb on themselves to kill him or herself in order to kill others; and the hatred that’s coming from Republicans and Teabaggers.

We have Teabaggers shouting racial epithets (NIGGER) and Republican members of Congress encouraging such vile behavior. And yet we have these uneducated hillbillies marching up and down the streets yelling about, “we want our country back.” Are these complete fools talking about the part of the country they stole from the American Indians, or the part of the country they stole from the Mexicans?

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Anonymous said...

Tea Party Racist !

Tea Party Racist spat upon Rep. Emanuel Cleaver and called Rep John Lewis a racial epithet as they approached the U.S. Capitol.
For the record, 70 year old Rep. John Lewis from the state of Georgia is among the last living icons of the Civil Rights Movement. You see, Rep. Lewis has seen this before. He faced it in Nashville in 1960 when he was locked inside a whites-only restaurant and gassed by a fummigation machine for ordering a hamburger. He faced it in Birmingham in 1961 when a group of (real)Freedom Riders was attacked and he was knocked unconscious for riding a Greyhound bus. Most famously, he faced it on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma 45 years ago this month when his skull was fractured by Alabama state troopers who charged a group of demonstrators seeking their right to vote.Socialism,communism, liberalism are just code words for what the Tea Baggers fear the most, but are too big of cowards to admit.They will claim this was just an isolated incident, but how often have they had to disavow hateful signs and slogans. Isolated ? Doubtful. These people are rotten too the core ! Not everyone who opposes health care reform is a closet klansman. I don't like the Bill myself. But as these "isolated incidents mount it insults intelligence to deny race is a factor. The denials are no surprise. We often tell ourselves lies to spare ourselves truths.Had you asked the people that locked Rep. Lewis in the restaurant or the ones who mauled him at that bus station and smashed him on the bridge, like the the racists who called him an epithet half a century later, they would have said they were good people fighting for principle, trying to save this country from liberals, the socialists, and the communists. They would not have said they were racists. Racists never do ! Ghetto Blaster