Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The Teabagger Express is planning a national tour beginning March 27 – April 15, 2010 with the theme, “Take Our Country Back.” The theme of this tour is the essence of this article. It amazes me how this 99.99% White movement could have the audacity to come up with a theme of take our country back. I’ve seen these complete uninformed people on TV yelling at the top of their voices with such idiotic phrases as, “We just want our country back.”

Years ago when this country was still young, Native Americans proclaimed the exact same statement, “We just want our country back.” For those of you who didn’t know it, Native Americans are the American Indians, the people who Christopher Columbus discovered when he landed in America. When the Native Americans proclaimed they wanted their country back, they were summarily murdered to the brink of extinction by the same teabaggers ancestors who proclaim they want their country back today.

Understand this you bunch of racist hillbillies, America has a Black President now, this means your KKK mentality is not the only show in town anymore. There were no teabagger rallies when White Presidents were fucking this country up year after year. Now all of a sudden since we have a Black President, a bunch of uneducated White people are marching around the country yelling about they want their country back. The audacity of these racists makes me want to puke.

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Anonymous said...

Teabagger March ? One could call it the march of idiots, or better yet, The million rascist march, but of course less than 10 thousand will show up, but Fox news will alter photos of these fools and claim tens of thousands attended.Exactly what are they taking back? From my perspective, they havn't lost a damn thing ! A Black man may be President, but all the wealth, Power, and greed resides in the hands of White people. Take for instance the health care debate... Mr.Obama started the debate of from a weakened bargaining postion when he didn't press for single payer. From the outset. He has been on his knee's beggin the "Repulican't" party to negotiate with him and congressional Democrats. Not only do they refuse any and every opportunity to negotiate, they still seem to be able to water down the bill. Additionally they continue to prove they are owned by the insurance copmpanies. Take their country back? I wish they would take it back from these repulican't senators and congressman that pretend to represent the people. By the way, how much money will Dick Army charge these fools this time, and how much will they pay to hear Sarah "the air head" Palin speak? Fools, is the word that comes to my mind when I think of these teabagger people. Ghetto Blaster