Monday, March 17, 2014

Frank Luntz Polling of Millennials

Frank Luntz the Fox News Republican pollster, strategist, and consultant recently ran a focus group of young people (millennials). Before I give my take on what I gathered from the group, I noticed most of the group was people of color; which made me focus on how bad a job Democrats are doing to get their message to young people.

As usual with Mr. Luntz, the majority of his questions to the group were, “What are the things you’re most disappointed with President Obama.” Most of the answers were the President broke his promises to create better and more jobs for young people, to protecting their privacy. Some members of the group cited the IRS investigating Conservative organizations, replying after a loaded question saying, “If the IRS targets certain groups to investigate, what’s to stop them from targeting us.” This is where; in my opinion Democrats do a poor job of preventing Republican lies to gain traction.

Every knowledgeable American knows the IRS targeted and investigated Liberal and Progressive groups also, but you’ll never know it because Democrats for some reason will not fight with vigor for what they assert they believe in; even when the facts are clearly in their favor.

Democrats better wake-up, if they lose young voters, Republicans will gain control of every branch of government in the near and far future.

Democrats need to hold focus groups with millennials to educate and refute Republican lies. The focus groups shouldn't be based solely on what Republicans are lying about, but mostly on what Democrats are doing to make young Americans lives better, backed-up with facts.

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