Wednesday, March 19, 2014

President Obama Branded as Weak

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and most Republicans have branded President Obama as a weak President leading from behind. The latest of the ranting lies Republicans are using to fire-up their brain dead base is to blame President Obama for the events in Ukraine.

My advice to Republicans is to cut Sen. McCain’s umbilical cord so he and other Republicans can recover from their state of denial that they lost their seat at the White House because Barack Hussein Obama won the peoples’ vote to be President.

Russia invaded Georgia while George Bush was President, I will admit Sen. McCain and some Republicans were passionate on that event also; but they didn’t brand Bush as weak. Hummm, you got to remember now, one is Black and one is White.

Enough of the political correctness talk, let’s bend the curve and get to the real meat of why this is happening. John McCain is still pissed because he made history by being the first White guy to lose to a Black guy for President. Sen. McCain’s cohorts are pissed because a Black guy is living in the White House; that’s it, point blank.

All of the stupid talk about the President is weak, is because the Tea Party racists have reached the limit of their shallow brain, and they don’t have the ability mentally to come-up with something relevant to refute President Obama’s positive achievements.

With that said, I blame Democrats and people of color, especially Black people for the pitfalls and quandaries the President has been accosted with. I got just two questions, why are Democrats and Black people afraid of Republicans, and why are we scared to argue our point when the facts are in our behalf?

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