Thursday, April 10, 2014

Generals Don’t Die On The Battle Field

I’m gonna try to put this so the dumbest person in the class can get it. It’s amazing to me how nonchalant we are about what’s happening in our society, until reality show up at our front door. When somebody get so fed-up with how their life is not going the way they want it to go, and they step in the door and kill people just because they want their pain to stop; I can understand it.

Please allow me to make myself perfectly clear; I’m against any acts of violence. However, I’m definitely cognizant to why some people snap and others are shocked and amazed when it happens. When we as a society can come up with billions to give to the people in Ukraine, and veterans have to beg for food stamps; something just aint right with that picture. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying we should ignore people in foreign countries in their time of need; but don’t neglect people in your house while making sure your neighbor is well fed.

As a Vietnam Marine Veteran, it makes my blood boil when I hear some politicians give speeches about how much they care about the troops; but in the back room they’re making deals to cut veterans benefits. How you gonna ask somebody to go thousands of miles away from home and kill another human being they don’t even know, and when they come home some bureaucrat sitting at a desk making bad decisions on how you’re gonna be compensated for your sacrifice?

Here’s the ticket, just in case what I’ve said haven’t registered on your brain; Veterans don’t want your sympathy, we’re too proud for that, what we want is your appreciation, not in words, in deeds.

Don’t stab me in the back, while giving me words of praise eye to eye. Like I said in the beginning of this message, I’m against any acts of violence; but I can understand when a person can’t take it no more.

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