Thursday, February 26, 2009

CNN's Documentary "Black In America"

Recently CNN did a documentary on being Black in America. Let me point out up front, I'm a firm believer that every human being is responsible for his/her actions, and should be held accountable and deal with the consequences of their actions. I thought the documentary by CNN was informative, but the documentary didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. Let's go on a journey about what the CNN documentary left out.

One of the things that inspired me to write this article, is how the CNN documentary focused on how Black men abandon their children. I will not sit here and try to convince anyone that a lot of Black men don't abandon their responsibility when it comes to being a father to their children. What I will say is this, there are a lot of Black men who fulfill their obligation as fathers to their children, this I know for a fact, I'm a living example.

Here's where I'll probably get myself in trouble with the women in my life and the women in my family. I know CNN felt like holding Black women accountable for so many house-holds with single women, would have garnered too much negativity from the female community; I don't have to worry about such hang-ups. When it comes to me and women, I'm the type of guy who will let a woman know in plain English, I like you do you like me, check yes or no; I don't have a ten minute slick rap, what you see is what you get, take it or leave it. In my opinion there are a lot of Black women that simply ran responsible men away, just by the fact they wouldn't allow a man to be a man. Before women start throwing rotten eggs at me, please let me explain where I'm coming from. Some Black women just can't get over the fact, they can't do what their man do. Example: When a woman say to a man, "if you can stay out to six o'clock in the morning, I don't see why I can't do the same thing." I understand the majority of these women who say such things are actually accusing the man of doing something that men wouldn't do if the guy really loved her. I don't usually use myself as an example, but this is too important to me to not let people know the truth. I was out shooting billiards (pool) one night, and me and this guy started gambling, we started at $20.00 a game, and before I knew it we were at $100.00 a game. The place where we were gambling close at 2:00am, the owner of the place allowed us to keep going after he closed his place of business. About 5:00am, someone said to me there's someone at the door asking for you, it was my wife. She had both my baby daughters with her, and at that time, both of my daughters were babies. The only people in the place were myself, the guy I was gambling with, the clean-up guy, and the owner. My wife was convinced I was out womanizing, I came close to feeling a moment of glee when she realized I was only doing what men do; compete with each other, it's a Testosterone thing with your clothes on. I fully understand there are men that's just plain dogs, and won't do the right thing even if it meant their life depended on it, it's a crushing blow, but that's how it go. My point is this, Black women, just let us be men, stop thinking you can compete with a man, and still hold your status as a lady.

I'll end with this, here's another thing the CNN documentary didn't cover, because this is taboo, we can't talk about this. OK, here we go, and I'm not saying this to appease Black women. I notice how when it comes to inter-racial relationships how when the majority of working class Black men, not all, date or marry a White woman, in most cases I've witnessed they get garbage. They get White women that White men don't want, but on the other hand, the White women when it comes to dating or marrying a Black man, they get the cream of the crop. Example: Tiger woods, Kolby Bryant, Lebran James, and yes O.J. Simpson. If we as Black people continue on this idiotic conscience journey of accepting ourselves as second class citizens, we will fail as a people, and President Barack Obama will fail as President.

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