Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Stimulus Bill

Everyday reports from every news outlet and any other organization about the Stimulus Bill, and how the monies should be distributed are displayed everywhere. What amazes me, not one of these outlets are informing the American taxpayer about how Billions of their tax dollars are stimulating over 23 other countries economy annually in the name of American Foreign Aid. Not one debate from Congress or the Senate about how we’re going to pay for this. Nothing is mentioned about leaving our children and grandchildren all this debt to pay off, the money is just sent overseas with no questions asked, and no oversight of how the money is spent.

What’s disturbing to the average working class American, when it comes to Aid for Americans, not only is every sentence, every word, but every character in the Bill is scrutinized; I even heard one member of Congress complain about the font that was used for the Stimulus Bill. Where are all the so called economic experts who show up on every news outlet everyday scrutinizing the Stimulus Bill explaining to the American public about our tax dollars being spent to stimulate foreign countries economy?
The most ironic fact of all is that we’re in debt to over 200 countries worldwide, and at least 20 of these countries we’re in debt to, America provides Billions to these countries in Aid on an annual basis. Go ahead economic expert people and explain to us how our country are in debt to these countries and allocating Billions of our tax dollars to these same countries annually; average Americans are begging for the scrutinizers to make this math make some sense.

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