Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Let me state up-front, I love Black women, especially when they’re chocolate; they don’t have to be chocolate in color, but they have to be chocolate in spirit. I’ve witnessed a troubling trend for the past five to ten years in regards to my beautiful Black sisters. For some reason, as far as I’m concerned, they seem as if they don’t appreciate their GOD given natural beauty. I guess I got to try to explain where I’m coming from so the dumbest person in the class can get it.

It’s annoying to me, however it’s probably fine to mentally light weight Black guys and some White guys looking to hit on Black women; but as for me, I prefer women with the GOD given beauty. I’m not saying I’m against Black women enhancing their beauty; I’m just saying I’m against Black women going out of their way to embellish their beauty. The operative phrase is, “Going out of their way” to enhance their beauty. This is hard, because I’m trying hard not to offend the very people that I adore so much. OK, let’s delve off into this.

I look at most Black anchor women on TV, most Black actresses, and last but definitely not least, Black professional women; from my perspective Black women are going out of their way to look like a White woman with Farrah Fawsett hair. I see our beautiful Black sisters with hair down their backs, moving their false hair out of their eyes on nation-wide TV; knowing all along everybody knows their hair is false. I’m also turned off with some sisters with the long ‘Rastafarian Dreadlocks’ all down their backs.

What the hell happened to being proud of the GOD given beauty you slithered through the ‘Fallopian Tube’ with? Make no mistake about it, real men are attracted to real women who are proud of who they are; not who they try to emulate. The message is simple, just be yourself, that’s usually all real men want from you. Don’t take this personal, I’m just talking in general; but I’m serious also.

Luv ya, later.

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