Thursday, August 12, 2010


As a Black man, every time I read an article like this, the more I hate my own people. Make no mistake about it, gang members are outright cowards; it’s a proven fact. They’re too scared to fight one-on-one, so what does these cowards do, not only do they get strapped, but they have to have their gang members with them also. These bunch of cowards know for a fact their fight game is triple zero, this is the reason they don’t go knuckle-to-knuckle.

My main reason for being outraged about this is because some supposedly leadership group is going to try and blame these cowards’ actions on some kind of socialism or slavery bullshit. If these stupid fools want to kill each other, go ahead, but when you start killing little babies, this put you in the category of the KKK blowing up churches with little girls in it.

The same way I wanted to hunt down KKK members and put a hole through their brain, when I read articles like this, it makes me want to hunt down gang members and treat them the same way. The KKK don’t hate Black people just because they’re Black anymore, they hate Black people these days because they don’t get a chance to kill Black people anymore; you ignorant NIGGERS are doing all the killing for them. It’s a reason why the world views Black people as the dumbest race of people on earth. Please don’t give me the bullshit about there are other gang members other than Black gang members; take care of your own house first you dam fool.

Tanaja Stokes, 8-Year-Old Chicago Girl, Gunned Down While Jumping Rope - CBSNews
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