Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fox News: Selective Reporting of the News

At least a week has passed us by with some significant issues that were news worthy. A few of them were: (1) Ken Mehlman former Bush Campaign Chief and RNC Chairman has recently come out and admitted he is Gay. Being Gay is no big deal; some Gay people contribute to our everyday lives in a positive manner just like some of us who are not Gay. We got good Gay people, and we have good non-Gay people; and vice versa. The point is this, when we have people in power like Ken Mehlman knowing he is Gay, and worked with Karl Rove and other Bush administration leaders to outright bash Gay people is hypocrisy to the level of criminal. (2) The stabbing of a cab driver by an Israeli, just because the cab driver is Muslim. (3) Dr. Laura Schlessinger using the word NIGGER on her radio show continuously in a negative and vile way to a Black caller trying to seek advice on race relations. Guess what supposedly news organization totally ignored all of the events mentioned above; Fox News.

Just like Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Catholic Priest who raped little boys and girls are not 100% evil. On the flip side, Bible toters and some of my life-long heroes such as my Father, Dr. Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali, and Jesus Christ wasn’t 100% pure and all good. I had to go there so the light weights could get it.

If we as Americans are so dumb that we would go back and vote into power the very people with the same ideas as the previous administration that got us where we are today, I say so be it. If we are stupid enough to allow eight years for the previous administration to ‘F’ things up, and only give the present administration less than two years to try and straighten the mess out the previous administration left us, I say we deserve what we get.

Lastly but not least, the ‘Joe the Plumber’ mentality teabagger members need to stop with the phrase, “Our country was built on Christianity values.” That’s probably true, but those Christianity values were built by people who were SLAVE OWNERS. Our country was built on BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS, and SLAVE labor; the beneficiaries were teabagger fore-fathers.

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