Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Benghazi Attack Congressional Hearings

Almost everyone agrees the Benghazi Consulate attack was a tragic act of terrorism; four brave Americans were murdered as a result of the attack. I agree with most Americans that the White House did a sloppy job of informing the news media and the public of what transpired. However, there is absolutely nothing to demonstrate that the White house participated in a cover up of the facts.

It’s obvious with House Republicans holding hearings on a regular basis, there’s definitely a witch hunt for political purposes by Republicans and the majority of the media.

My question is this, where was all the concern and Congressional hearings from Republicans and the daily coverage from the media for the invasion of Iraq that resulted in 4000+ brave military men and women to die because of an outright lie perpetrated by Bush and Cheney? The answer to the question is clear as Black and White.

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