Tuesday, May 21, 2013

IRS Shocked the Nation

There is no way in my blood I can ever see myself voting for a Republican, but I can tell you this; there is no way I can ever see my self voting for a Democrat either. Here’s the reason why, the Tea Party and their Republican followers have nothing but disparaging comments in regards to President Obama; but on the other hand the supposedly Obama supporters have turned their back on the President and joined the Obama haters with their negative rhetoric.

We all know most Republicans and the majority of the media hate President Obama, but here’s what’s amazing, when the IRS targeted the NAACP under former President George Bush a month before the 2004 election, no outrage, no nothing; however, when the IRS targeted the Tea Party under President Barack Obama, nothing but outrage. One President WHITE, One President BLACK; we all know who the Republicans and the media gave the benefit of the doubt to.

I just can’t understand why the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, the House and the Senate Obama supporters are pissing in their boots scared to bring up the fact that the IRS did the same thing under the Bush administration; and nobody said anything. It’s as if when the WHITE President does something against citizens rights its okay; but when a Black President does something that’s presumed against citizen’s rights, its anarchy.

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