Wednesday, May 15, 2013

IRS Targets Tea Party

It’s a dam shame that every media outlet and every person in Congress are outraged because the IRS investigated the Tea Party. This is the same day the school district of Buena Vista, Michigan had to shut down and lockout students due to lack of funds.

We as Americans can build schools in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Lebanon, and other countries that White Americans have guilt trips about; get over it. It’s totally bullshit that our children on American soil have to suffer because Congress can’t find money to fund schools for our children in Michigan because they’re hell bent on sacrificing our children to fund the Million and Billionaires.

But yet, everyday all we here is how the IRS invaded the Tea Party privacy; are you complete fools crazy (oxymoronic)? Where was all the outrage when the IRS went after the NAACP for criticizing George Bush one month before the 2004 election? The answer to the question is clear as BLACK and WHITE.

When the IRS went after the NAACP in ’04, the IRS actually audited the NAACP and some of their members. The only thing the IRS did with the TEA Party was investigate to see why these people deserve tax exempt status. There’s no secret the NAACP was totally against George Bush policies; likewise, there’s no secret the Tea Party are totally against President Obama policies. But here’s the kicker, the world is watching why we as a people show outrage for the BLACK President policies, but show nothing but tranquility for the WHITE President policies for the exact same thing. The defense rest your honor.

Don’t get it twisted, I believe both actions by the IRS in regards to the NAACP and the TEA Party was misguided, however, the fake outrage when it comes to the NAACP and the TEA Party is very indistinguishable.

It made me want to pewk watching Jenny Beth Martin (Co-Founder of Tea Party Patriots) on C-SPAN; this woman had the nerve to make a comment regarding the Immigration Bill. Ms. Martin stated she want the border secured before any immigration reform begins. I’m sure the native Indians said the same thing when Ms. Martin’s ancestors (indentured servants) arrived here on the Mayflower.

Democrats today in my opinion are the most cowardly political party this country has ever known; even Charlie Rangel (D-NY) joined the ranks of increasing crowds of Obama haters. Republicans are out in the media each and everyday bashing President Obama, the cowardly Democrats are silent as a lamb. I have no more respect for CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Current-TV, C-SPAN, CNBC, PBS, BBC, Politico,, The Democrat Black Caucus, The Democrat Party as a whole, Fox News, (I’ve never had respect for Fox News, outright haters) and much, much more of the media cowards.

Marinade on that, if you’re a Democrat, cowards only need to reply.

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