Monday, July 15, 2013

Ignorant or Brainwashed

If you’re viewing this message, you’re looking at a real UNCLE TOM. This man name is David Webb, a proud Black Republican Tea Party member.

I'm not branding this man as a complete fool because he's a Republican Tea Party member; this man is a complete fool because he appeared on CNN and proved to everybody who watched him that he's a complete fool.

Mr. Webb, out of his own mouth said, "George Zimmerman was justified in killing Travon Martin." In order for anybody to wrap their brain around what this misguided, complete uninformed fool believe; you have to accept the fact that Mr. Webb is ignorant or brainwashed.

Mr. Webb refuse to acknowledge the fact that George Zimmerman possessed a criminal record of perpetrating violence against two human beings. One was a woman, the other was a police officer. What this complete idiot overlook is that a man with a record of violence, armed with a gun, took the life of a teenager that didn't have a record of any kind.

Ironically, the person with a history of violence murdered a human being with no history of violence, or nothing to show that the teenager violated any laws in all of his young years on earth. The only thing Travon Martin is guilty of, is being accosted by George Zimmerman breathing while BLACK.

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