Sunday, July 14, 2013

Not Guilty By Reason Of Ignorance

 I honestly believe if George Zimmerman would have been Black, the murder of a Black man by another Black man would have never made the news. The jury who found George Zimmerman not guilty was the least of the ignorance that played a part in this misguided practice of justice.

If the majority of people in our judicial system who are charged with murder would have been prosecuted by the prosecution team that prosecuted George Zimmerman; it would not be an over-crowding situation in prisons in America. The prosecution team dropped the ball big time; as bias as I am in this case, there is no way I could find George Zimmerman guilty with the way the prosecution team presented their case against George Zimmerman. In my brain the prosecution should lose their license to practice law, just on the grounds of incompetence.

To the point of not guilty by reason of ignorance is profound in one way and one way only. By the majority of jurors was over-whelming in behalf of George Zimmerman’s peers is the way our judiciary is set up; he was found not guilty by members of his peers.

Trayvon Martin didn’t have the opportunity to testify in his behalf because he wasn’t present at the trial. The main reason Trayvon Martin wasn’t present to tell his side of the story is because our society concocted laws to give George Zimmerman the right to kill an unarmed human being just because in George Zimmerman’s brain the person didn’t look like he belonged to be where he was.

If Trayvon Martin would’ve been White, do we as a people honestly believe that George Zimmerman would have been so willing to feel that he feared for his life and pulled the trigger to take a White guy life; I think not.

The only reason Trayvon Martin is dead is because George Zimmerman made the decision that this NIGGER doesn’t belong in this neighborhood.

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