Monday, July 15, 2013

None Violent Protest

For some crazy reason the media is shocked and amazed that Black people are not resulting to violence to get their point across. Just that point alone should let everybody know, Black or White; that we’re living in two Americas.

Let’s just face facts; the prosecution did an outright poor job presenting their case. George Zimmerman got away with murder; the cold part is we as a people have the gall to be upset with the outcome of the O.J. Simpson verdict.

It really pisses me off that the majority of the media are in shock and trepidation that people of color didn't resort to violence to make their point known.

The truth is staring each and everyone of us square in the face. A White person has the ability and the freedom to walk through any neighborhood without being viewed as a suspicious character. On the other hand, a Black person walking through any neighborhood, Black or White; he or she are viewed as a suspicious character, just because the color of their skin.

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