Friday, December 6, 2013

Black Americans and the Rest

I’ve gotten to the point that Black people either don’t understand or we just happen to be the dumbest people on earth. The Uncle Toms who have penetrated the true real Black people think they got away with something; they know who I’m talking about. Some how these cowards have convinced the racist part of the Tea Party that they’re one and the same.

The Black Tea party members are nothing more than people of color who are disappointed that they were born with skin color and a heavy dose of brainwashing that just can’t come to grips with Whites in tow, why a Black man is President. I refuse to vent on White people who hate on President Obama just because he just happens to be Black and the President.

If President Obama fail in his endeavors to push Legislation that will benefit people of color; we as people of color should owe it to ourselves to shoulder the blame of the President’s short comings. Before people of color blame me for attempting to give them a guilt trip; I’m just saying, where is your intenseness to make sure the President prevail as opposed to the Tea Party Republicans pledging to make sure the President fail? The majority of Republicans have let it be known that their main goal is to make sure President Obama fail.

Where are Black Americans to prove these haters wrong? I’m not asking people to throw rocks while their opponents are firing back with hollow points. I just want to know where you at? The silence from people of color is deafening. It’s as if our eyes are wide shut.

President Obama has been attacked from every direction known to man. This is what this man is faced with each and everyday:

White people attack with rhetoric like, “I’m convinced President Obama just hate White people (Glenn Beck).”

Black people attack with, “As the first Black President, he seems to ignore the plight of Black Americans”.

Hispanics attack with rhetoric like, “Stop deportation now.” Like it’s a magic wand the President can wave and make everything and anything come to fruition.

The gay community attack with the President not doing enough to bring their issues to the front page of news outlets.

Some, but definitely not all, women groups attack by implying that the President doesn’t do enough to pass legislation to make them equal in the work place.

Jews are complaining about the President being soft for allowing Iran to move forward with their ambition to have Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Do these people remember George Bush claims why we invaded Iraq?

I could go on and on, the bottom line is this; most White people just can’t live with the fact that a Black man is calling shots for the most powerful country on earth. Most White people believe they’re bequeathed to that pedestal.

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