Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Three Days Away

There are thousands, perhaps millions of veterans at the point of 12.5% of unemployed and the numbers reach higher when it comes to veterans who will be cut from ‘Food Stamps’ and unemployment benefits.

Congressional people we voted for in the House and the Senate can campaign on how much they did to make sure our veterans wouldn't suffer while they bickered with insignificant things that had absolutely nothing to do with our veteran Men and Women were left out of how they suppose to proceed with their everyday lives.

It’s a reason why Democrats and Republicans don’t care about veterans; the majority of the people we voted for don’t have any family members with any skin in the game. If the majority of these people had family members dodging bullets, believe me, these cowards would not allow our sons and daughters to stand in harms way while they wrap themselves in the flag and enjoy Xmas with their loved ones.

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