Thursday, December 5, 2013

President Nelson Mandela

The same way the whole world rejoiced when Barack Hussein Obama became President of the United States, all of us should feel that we’re indebted for witnessing a man of Mr. Mandela’s perseverance. Nelson Mandela was the number one essence to prove to every living thing on earth should be about respecting the rights of all, while demanding respect from our enemies.

The same way Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. demanded those who adhered to his words not to fight violence with violence; The late great President Nelson Mandela walked out of prison for serving decades of imprisonment for ‘Breathing While Black’, and showing no malice towards those who took his freedom away for demanding ‘Justice and Freedom’ for all.

President Nelson Mandela, your physical, mental, and spiritual stature will surely be missed by all; GOD Bless!!!

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