Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Democrats: The Party of Cowards Part 2

I was all prepared to write about the Wikileaks publishing of classified State Department documents, and how Bristol Palin became a star to dance with the stars, just because her mother quit a job as Governor of Alaska, and Bristol became pregnant while in high school out-of-wedlock. But as I pondered about what to write about; it suddenly hit me, the leaking of the Wikileaks documents, and the Palins short comings in life really doesn’t affect me or my family members as much as the Democrats playing a cowardly role.

On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, once again I witnessed a Democrat allowing herself to be passive and submissive to a Republican. Instead of Sen. Claire McCaskill (D. MO) explaining how she’s onboard on challenging Republicans as the party of ‘NO’, she was explaining and defending herself to Chris Wallace on Fox News how she doesn’t vote with President Obama and fellow Democrats to pass legislation on behalf of the middle class working people of America. During the same interview, her counterpart, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R. SC) was stuck on saying ‘NO’ to any and everything Democrats put on the table. This is just one thing among many that bring me to the conclusion, that Democrats are a party of cowards.

About a year ago, take a few months, or give a few months, Attorney General Eric Holder made a statement and said, “We are a nation of cowards.” I agree with Attorney General Holder, but he should’ve placed Democrats in parenthesis; because in my opinion, nothing epitomizes cowards more than our present day Democrats. No matter what, the Democrats of today will cave on any and everything the Republicans confront them with. Just like the Tea Party bum-rushed the Republican Party, the Blue Dog Democrats bum-rushed the Democratic Party; and turned us into a Party of cowards.

Democrats had the majority of the Congress, the Senate, and the White House; and they allowed Republicans to stop them from doing anything that would’ve moved our country forward in behalf of everyday working people. Now that Republicans control the House of Representatives, and Democrats holding a small majority in the Senate; we as Democrats are stuck in our cowardly ways. If we as Democrats had more people representing us like Anthony Weiner (D. NY), we would be a much stronger party; but we are stuck with cowards like Ben Nelson (D. NE). I find it hard to see how Democrats can gather their balls to stand up to Republicans.

Once again the cowardly Democrats have caved to Republicans by cutting a deal to continue tax breaks for the richest Americans. It’s a good thing that the unemployment benefits bill was passed, but these tax cuts for the rich have been in play since 2001; but we continue to here Republicans and some Democrats say, “We can’t raise taxes on the people who create jobs.” If the tax cuts for the rich has been working for the past ten years, where in the hell are the jobs? These people are stuck on the Ronald Reagan theory of the trickle down effect, which has never worked for working class Americans.

If Democrats continue to allow the party to be over-run by Democrats like Ben Nelson (D. NE) and Blue Dog Democrats, we will never get anything done for regular working class people; even if we control the House, the Senate, and the White House.

I sympathize with the President because; once again we have the Congressional Black Caucus complaining about what President Obama hasn’t done for the Blacks in their district.

Once again we have the GAY community complaining about what President Obama hasn’t done.

Once again we have some Union groups complaining about what President Obama hasn’t done.

Once again the Latino community is complaining about how the President haven't done enough for their civil rights. I stand firm in my belief that every person in this country, whether they're here legally or illegally deserve human rights. But I refuse to allow any group of people to get away with piggy-backing on Blacks in this country in which their ancestors were kidnapped and turned into SLAVES; while others came to this country on their on, or was brought here by their parents. There is no comparison, so either work with other people of color, or get the hell off of the civil rights mistreatment. This goes for the ancestors of the indentured servants also, who forefathers sailed here on the Mayflower.

What all of these groups fail to understand, President Barack Hussein Obama is the President of all of the people of the United States of America. I beg all of you to stop acting like spoiled brats and work with this man and get something done in this country to put the middle class back to work, and stop the Republicans from helping only MILLIONAIRES and BILLIONAIRES to be the only people prosper in this country.

Republicans have come out on nation wide TV and said their number one goal is to make sure President Obama fail; but yet the cowardly Democrats allow Republicans to get away with demonizing our President. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Bill O’Reiley do their part to demonize this President. However, Bill O’Reiley tries to do his racism subliminally. Bill O’Reiley fake it like he’s above the fray of racism in your face like Ann Coulter and other Tea Party members trying to proclaim they want their country back.

I’ll ask this question for the forty third time, I’ve counted how many times I’ve asked this question, and just like the cowardly Democrats, the Tea Party people haven’t answered either. My question is this, what part of the country does the descendants of indentured servants who sailed over to America and discovered the American Indians was already here.

What part do you want back of this country we call America? Do you want the part your forefathers stole from the American Indians, or do you want the part that your forefathers stole from the Mexicans. The cowardly Republicans can’t answer that question, and the cowardly Democrats will not challenge Republicans about their hero (Christopher Columbus) who discovered the new world that we all call America today.

Like I said, Republicans are roaring like lions, Democrats are purring like kittens. Republican women was crying out during the mid-term elections; ‘Grow some balls Democrats!!!’ Evidently, Democrats didn’t adhere to the call.

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