Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We Want Our Country Back!!!

For a few years now, we as a people in America have heard citizens crying out about, “We want our country back.” All of us in the world have the freedom of thought, but everybody in America has the freedom to voice their opinions. Oh yeah, we have laws to abstain us from saying and shouting things to put others in danger with false pretences; but we definitely have freedom of speech. Approximately 50-60 years ago, citizens in America had the freedom to act; it was according to your skin color whether or not you meted out violence or was on the receiving end of it.

I’m trying to figure out exactly who are these people proclaiming at the top of their lungs that they want their country back. My question to these uneducated fools is this, what part of America do you want back, the part your indentured servant ancestors stole from the American Indians, or the part they stole from the Mexicans.

I’m not going to play games with this one. I know for a fact who these people are; they are descendants of indentured servants. These descendants of indentured servants’ ancestors sailed over to the New World on a boat illegally, and the first thing these illegal immigrants did was murder 95% of every American Indian, and 100% of every American buffalo.

But yet, these same poor white trailer trash dumb people, with a few outright brainwashed people of color sharing their ignorant views, have the audacity to question another persons’ legality to be in this country. Just so the uneducated will know, these are the same people who stand guard at the shores of South Florida, and send people who sail here on a boat from Haiti, back! Talk about people who speak with forked tongues.

I’ve decided that I will take a page from the book of the ‘BIRTHERS’ in regards to whether or not President Barack Hussein Obama is in this country legally. The same way these uneducated racists fools are asking for his proof to show his Birth Certificate, I’m asking every descendant of indentured servants to show their papers that make them legally in America.

I’m not asking you to produce your drivers’ license or your birth certificate; I’m asking descendants of illegal indentured servant boat people to show anything that your ancestors left in your possession to make you a legal immigrant in America.

If these boisterous Teabaggers, and their handful of outright ill-informed people of color can’t produce documents to let those of us who are true citizens know they are here legally; then I say let’s rid these illegal people from our American soil.

The same way these indentured servant illegal fools proclaim people from Mexico, Haiti, Guatemala, and other third world countries are here illegally and draining us from jobs and other resources; I say show your papers and prove that you’re not a drain on our resources.

It makes me want to puke when I see and hear people of color have the same views as these white boat people who are here illegally, and act as if they have absolutely no knowledge of history.

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