Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Education for our children should be the number one priority today. These are the people who will dictate how we live tomorrow; that’s if we’re lucky enough to see another day. But yet, the politicians we vote into office are more concerned with how they can pass bills for those who will keep them as life long politicians.

It’s amazing to me to see how America is lagging behind the majority of industrialized countries in MATH and SCIENCE; and our politicians are bickering over whether or not we should give tax breaks to the richest of Americans. Have we come to the point that we’re that stupid? I think not; the greedy in this country are willing to do any and everything to make sure that our children in America will live like third world people in the next generation.

If we as shot-callers today don’t stand up, and let the power brokers know that we are not willing to allow our children to live a lesser life that we lived; we’ve failed as a people.

Oh yeah! We can allow our silence to be deafening to Republicans and Democrats, or we as a people can allow our voices to shout out to both Republicans and Democrats to let them know that we as a people will not stand for our children to be second to anyone. We should be fighting to let the powers that be, that our children are 220!!!

I’ll put it to you rough and raw, real people are willing to die for what they believe in. In America today, the majority of us are willing to tie ribbons around trees in our neighborhoods; and proclaim we support the men and women in the military. What in the hell any of you have done other than sent letters and cookies to the troops who are on their third and forth trip to a war zone?

We have our young people in Afghanistan and Iraq; and the rest of us are not sacrificing anything. During World War I, and II, not all, but the majority of Americans got involved in some way to support our soldiers; and they just didn’t party everyday, and tie ribbons around a tree in their front yard.

Like Attorney General Eric Holder said, “We have become a nation of cowards.” We’re too cowardly to build a Mosque near a site where misguided young Muslims were too dumb to know that their elders were misusing them.

We’re too cowardly to put people on trial in the same courts that convicted people who committed hideous crimes equivalent to terrorists. Tim McVeigh, Charles Manson, and the KKK were convicted in our American court system, and they never harmed our citizens again. One note about the KKK, these people bombed churches where little girls were attending Sunday school. I have never heard any of our law makers refer to them as terrorists. Huuum, I wonder why?

There is one reason and one reason only some people are against terrorists being on trial in our civilian courts; it’s all because a Black man is President.

I got a question for you haters, why hasn’t it has never been a Black police officer who shot a White person while they was reaching in their pocket to show their ID, and the Black police officer thought they were reaching for a gun? It’s all about ‘EDUCATION’; or the lack of.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with much of what you are saying. Education is the key and the only way to move this country forward. President Obama has stated the same thing, and walks-the-talk by providing grants to young folks particularly those majoring in math and science. What can be done to spread this message further, though, if people "don't get it" even from a President with a forum? Education may / may not stop the police brutality, but lack of education certainly won't help. Wearing a silly tea bag on your head is ridiculous and it is shamelessly scandalous for politicians to try to give any kind of credance to "that movement".