Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We Will Get Who Did This...!!!

Does anybody remember the phrase that George Bush uttered, “We will get who did this and bring them to justice, dead or alive?” This statement was made immediately after a few brainwashed Muslim young men were enticed to commit suicide to murder innocent men, women, and children. How many Muslims was murdered in the 9/11 attack is unknown; but what we all know is this, 3,000+ innocent people died because of some kind of ideological belief that Americans are evil, and Muslims are committing deeds in the name of religion. I’m going to get to the subject matter, I just need to clarify some history first and try to convey to others how FAITH and COMMON SENSE have a problem with coinciding; so please bear with me on this one.

What has to happen for knowledgeable people to take a stand and confront the religious right, left, or center and let these people who I consider are children from a lesser GOD know that they are actually brainwashed?

In the Bible it reads (notice I didn’t say, it says) Joshua did to the Canaanites in the east and west, and the Hittites in the mountains as the Lord told him, “Kill all men, women, and children, therefore the children of Israel blood will be pure." Can somebody please explain to me what’s the difference between what Hitler did and what Joshua did?

I said all of that to say this, when it comes down to standing up for something you believe in, as opposed to just spitting out rhetoric; something has to separate the light weights from the heavy weights. Now let’s get to the subject matter.

When George Bush stood on a hill of debris shortly after the 9/11 terror attack, he proclaimed, “We will get who did this, dead or alive.” All Americans, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Green Party, and whoever else, were united in his vow for justice. But as years passed by, all of us just accepted it as empty rhetoric. In the mean time, the first responders were busy at GROUND ZERO breathing in toxic chemicals searching for any survivors.

Now that these brave men and women are suffering the ills of being exposed to deadly chemicals such as asbestos; some Republican members of the House and Senate has the audacity to question the merits of these heroes.

It should piss everybody off how these so called representatives of the people can vote without hesitation to give MILLIONAIRES and BILLIONAIRES a tax cut that will cost approximately $800 Billion; but hesitate to vote for a bill that will cost $7 Billion to give the first responders to 9/11 HEALTH CARE for the suffering they endured to rescue people they didn’t even know.

The Tea Party crazies voted these people back into office, knowing these people don’t care about nobody except those who can finance their campaign to get elected or re-elected. But yet we stand around and look at each other with glazed eyes, and wonder how in the hell out of 30 industrialized countries, our children rank 25th in EDUCATION.

Look no further, the parents of these children are dumber than they are. If we were ranking the parents of our children on knowledge ability; America would be ranked dead last. Think about it, we have a bunch of dumb hillbillies running around with teabags hanging from their hats, yelling about they want their country back. The American Indians wanted their country back; but they were murdered, simply for asking.

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