Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Black People Are Fighting A Two Prong War

Every since slavery, there have been Blacks who decided that it is a futile effort to fight against the power of white America. During slavery, I believe almost every Black American would agree with those sentiments; during slavery. Today, that particular mindset is mindboggling to me, I understand that money is probably the number one motivating factor, but I definitely believe it goes deeper than monetary values. There are some Blacks who go all in, like the founder of BET, Bob Johnson; then there are those like the 2020 Miss USA, Asya Branch who received a lot of flack for singing the National Anthem at one of trump's rallies in Mississippi. Miss Branch has made comments contending that it was part of her contract as Miss Mississippi to sang the National Anthem; ok, but she has never refuted the accusation that she's a trump supporter.

So what should the Black community do about this growing list of Blacks, who has forgotten where they came from? we, Black people needs to understand, the movement of Black people fighting to reach the point of where we deservedly suppose to be in America, is way bigger and a lot more important than a few mentally wayward negroes. The Blacks who truly understand what we're fighting for will continue to do so, while keeping a watchful eye on the enemies within. It's the opposite side of the pendulum is where the real battle lies for Black people, and that's the white people who act like there's no racism in America. All each and every true Black person needs to do, is their part, and stay in your lane; and eventually, TOGETHER, WE SHALL OVERCOME!!!

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