Monday, November 16, 2020

Real Time with Bill Maher

I’ve been a big fan of Bill Maher for years, with his straight talk about politics and being real with Democrats and Republicans; he definitely made it possible for me to get over my addiction of Jon Stewart of The Daily Show fame. I try to watch Bill Maher every Friday night on HBO, but sometimes I miss it due to domestic duties. This past Friday (11/13/2020) I missed it, so I brought it up on demand and watched Bill interview Jenna Ellis, trump’s senior legal advisor for trump’s 2020 campaign. After watching the interview, I was in shock, I’ve never seen such a passive and submissive Bill Maher in my life. Bill will probably try and play it off like he was trying to be respectful, because it took a lot of nerve for her to come into his domain. I got to say this, watching that interview made me feel like it was Sean Hannity of Fox News giving the interview. Bill Maher allowed Ms. Ellis to get away with numerous lies while trying to defend trump’s behavior after the election. My respect for Bill Maher diminished a bit after watching the interview, hopefully he does better in the future interviewing braindead diehard trump supporters. Anyone who is familiar with Bill Maher, and see that interview; will know exactly what I’m talking about.

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