Sunday, November 22, 2020

The trump Supporters

Hillary Clinton called trump supporters a bunch of despicable racists, and every media outlet immediately went spastic with outrage; the racists at Fox News engaged in the gnashing of teeth. When you look at how trump is trying to outright steal the 2020 presidential election, and ALL of trump supporters are dutifully engaged in helping trump steal the election; in my opinion, labeling these people as despicable racists was a bit moderate. For the record, I wholeheartedly agree with Hillary Clinton’s assertion, but I got issues that goes a lot deeper than that.

Just watching the trump despicable racists gather in Atlanta yesterday (11/21/2020), protesting that the election was stolen from trump; while knowingly everything they’re protesting against is based on outright lies. Black people in America has a choice, we can sit back and sing Church songs, or we can stand up and be strong, and show these racist bastards that we’re more enthusiastic about stopping their racism; than they are about keeping racism in America as a status quo. Right now today, is the time for Black people to show the world that we WILL NOT allow racism in America to prevail.

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