Saturday, November 21, 2020

Over 73 Million Americans Voted For donald trump

Wow, over 73 million, that’s more votes than any presidential candidate received in American history; before Joe Biden topped it with over 79 million. We keep hearing political pundits talk about the trump voters need to be noticed, I agree; they definitely need to be noticed. However, what trump voters need to notice, is that Joe Biden voters topped them by 6 million more votes. Here’s what trump and his ass kissers want to happen, these complete damn fools want over 79 million votes for Joe Biden to be disavowed and deemed as invalid; and accept the 73 million votes for trump as valid. Think about the ignorance of that for a minute, that’s outright third world mentality. Everybody in the world knows trump is doing whatever it takes to steal this election, the problem is; Democrats ARE NOT doing whatever it takes to let the racist in chief know, it ain’t going to happen. Democrats need to fight harder!!!

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