Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cracks in a Weak Foundation

Just when I thought Democrats finally had the cohesion to unite as one and stand strong against Republicans relentless goal of doing any and everything to guarantee President Obama fail; the knees of the cowardly Democrats are beginning to wobble.

Even the media which pick-up everything negative the Republicans step-up to a podium and say, usually without any proof, were duped into believing the Democrats were finally sticking together.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), which seemed to be the one thing Democrats were united on; now seems to be the very thing that shows just how cowardly and weak Democrats are.

Democrats’ main cancer of their party are Blue Dog Democrats who are the plague within. These people do more harm to Democrats than any Republican Tea Party member could only dream of doing; and at this point, it’s about time for real Democrats to name names. I’ll just say this; cowardly Democrats conceive the mental benefit to adhere to phony Democrats like Joe Manchin (D-WV) instead of following the lead of a true Democrat like Alan Grayson (D-FL).

Fox News paraded supposedly citizens on nationwide TV purporting to be victims who were dropped from their Health Care policies they liked due to ObamaCare. Sean Hannity had outright liars on his show, and Fox News Sunday had two liars on their show. I honestly believed Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace was the lone truth teller Fox News had; I apologize for my gullibility.

After fact check experts proved Fox News lied, one would think Democrats would make these liars pay for their dastardly deeds; what did cowardly Democrats do, absolutely nothing.

Real progressive Democrats who believe in democracy for all owe it to themselves to come to a profound decision; either the Blue Dog Democrats are afraid of Republicans, or they’re participating in the same activities as Republicans and their Tea Party affiliates.

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