Saturday, November 2, 2013

President Obama Lied

President Obama lied to the American people about ObamaCare. Millions of people were discontinued from their Health Plan due to ObamaCare. The web-page was a disaster all by itself, some called for officials to be fired. Outrage was rampant by all; but yet nobody died.

President Bush lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction which led to the war in Iraq. Nobody was outraged; nobody called for anyone to be fired. Over 4,400 military men and women died.

Wonder why America’s societal mental demeanor was vastly dissimilar? Give up? Ok I’ll lace your boots. One President is White while living in the White House; one President is Black while living in the White House. Still don’t get it?

The White President is where he should be. The Black President doesn't know his place. That’s it in a nutshell; it’s as old as being accused of reckless eyeballing.

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