Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mentally Bequeathed

I’m about to touch on something that millions will deny; Black and White. The incident with the Miami, FL NFL football team motivated me to at least delve into this delicate topic.

When we as a people start branding another person as being prejudice, the majority of us do it lackadaisically without the benefit of intellect. I honestly believe most White people say or perform a racist act everyday without mentally knowing they are saying or performing such an act. I also honestly believe most Black people accept that they are inferior to Whites without mentally ingesting the thought.

White people believe they are born with certain rights, and one of those rights is that they think they are superior to Blacks. These people honestly believe that they have a GOD given right that they are second to none. I aint mad atem, aint nothing wrong with thinking positive of yourself; but we owe it to ourselves to keep it in proper context. There are homeless poor White trailer trash people who believe they are superior to President Obama just because they were born White.

Black people in our innate brain believe that we are inferior to Whites. I already know I’m gonna here Black people saying, “Awe hell no JD you got me wrong, aint no way I think like that.” This is when I have to remind my beloved Brothers and Sisters to notice that I used the word innate in my depiction of us. This is a trait that is hereditary in those of us who are descendants of slaves.

Here’s the ticket that separate the light weights from the heavy weights. The heavy weights stay strong and stay on their GOD given journey to let society know just because I was born with an obstacle in my way; I refuse to allow any obstruction to be the reason I didn't reach my GOD given potentials. Light weights accept an obstacle as something we all have to live with.

This is what gives credence to those who believe they are ‘Bequeathed’ to something that they are the only people who have this GOD given right.

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