Friday, November 15, 2013

Universal Lie

The American public needs to know this, the media, especially CSPAN are misleading the public by breaking down political affiliates as: Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

Over 90% of so called Independents are actually undercover Republicans. The only reason these people claim the title Independent is because they don’t want people to know they’re supporting the racists Republican Tea Party members.

Another lie, recently Fox News introduced people on two occasions complaining about how they were kicked off of their Health Care plans they liked because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA); once on the Sean Hannity show, the others on Fox News Sunday. After fact checking these people stories, it turns out that all of these people were outright lying about their insurance experience.

When Tea Party Republicans in the House and Senate make speeches about all of the letters they received from constituents complaining about they were kicked off of their Health Care Plan because of the ACA law, it’s a good bet these people are lying as well.

It’s an outright disgrace Democrats always crumble from pressure applied by Republicans. Democrat constituents need to start voting for people who will truly represent the needs of their voters, and stop voting for weak Democrats who always crack under pressure from Tea Party Republicans.


Anonymous said...

So, the author of this blog came to Reason and attempted to make a point, only to quickly realize how out of their depth they were, at which point they fled.

You're not even properly literate. Stop pretending "white people are white trash!!!!" is an argument.

Anonymous said...

"Most of the people crying about gov't knowing their business are usually poor trailer trash hillbillies who has no business."

Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald make way more money than you.

So do I.

RealTalk said...

I have no problem with Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald pointing out that the government is gathering info on private citizens. However, while gathering info on known terror groups, perhaps, just maybe, info on private citizens might have been inadvertent.

What I want to know is how Mr. Snowden and Mr. Greenwald suggest our government go about collecting data on known terrorists, and protecting our civil liberties simultaneously? The majority of us know the problems, we need answers not complaints.

As for how much money someone makes, that's irrelevant to the subject matter. I for one congratulate those who are savvy enough to make positive decisions to place them in financial secure positions; but by no means a persons’ material wealth equals knowledge on civil issues.

Just to lace your boots, it’s a known fact 90% percent of those complaining about their personal business being infringed are usually ‘poor white trash’ who doesn't have any business at all; personal or otherwise.