Wednesday, November 6, 2013

National Football League Bullying

This is a topic I really should ignore, but due to the fact that bullying is at a rampant pace in our children schools today; I felt impelled to offer my two cents.

First of all, if I’m clocking in at three hundred pounds plus; I could care less who the person is who’s trying to bully me; we just gonna have to get into each other’s ass and settle it.

This is why this makes no sense to me, in my book, a man owe it to himself to stand-up for his manhood before anything else. Somewhere Mr. Jonathan Martin forgot about that part. What Mr. Martin needs to understand, sometime in life it’s better to where an ass kicking just to let the bully know this is not the ass you want to kick again.

Once a man allows his manhood to be threatened, an outright punk might try you just to get street creds’. Hopefully Mr. Martin will redeem his self esteem and learn from this little incident.

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