Saturday, September 27, 2008

At Last, The $700 Billion Bail Out Bill

This is probably the shortest post I've done. Earlier tonight (September 27, 2008) our Congressional leaders came out and reported they have reached an agreement (heard that before). But not one of our fearless leaders could tell us what the agreement entails, what's the big secret, just tell us what you guys agreed on.

If I'm wrong I'll apologize, because I pride myself on posting facts, well this time I'm going on instinct. I'm willing to bet the Republicans have something in the bill to give rich people a tax break, and Democrats have something in the bill for working middle class people. But above all, Democrats and Republicans have some kind of caveat thrown in the bill that qualify as an Earmark or Pork Barrel Spending.

Stay tuned for this posting to be edited as I research more about the $700 billion bail out bill.

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