Saturday, September 27, 2008

John McCain's New Attack Dog, Tucker Bounds

Every campaign has attack dogs, both Democrats and Republicans. The problem with the McCain campaign attack dogs, they have no regard for veracity. All of us stretch the truth every now and then, but Thursday (September 25, 2008) Tucker Bounds took truth stretching to a whole new level. Tucker Bounds went on nation wide TV and said, "John McCain's selfless act of leadership in coming back to Washington single-handedly helped push through negotiations on the bail out bill." The lies didn't stop there, Tucker Bounds went on to say, "John McCain put country first and personally saved the economy from disaster." It's as if the McCain campaign has reached the point that they believe their own lies. Sarah Palin went on day after day telling any and everybody who would listen about how she turned down the bridge to nowhere; even though every media organization proved she was lying about her role in the bridge to nowhere, she continued to lie about it. The McCain campaign has reached the point that even if what they're saying are lies, their approach is just keep saying it and the American people will believe it if we say it enough. At some point I think the American people will start to question the McCain campaign mental stability.

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