Monday, September 22, 2008


Pakistan are taking shots at Americans now, to date we've pumped in over ten billion of our tax dollars to the Pakistani government to help us fight the war on terror. One would think those dollars went towards to win hearts and minds of the Pakistanis i.e. to build schools, infrastructure, and the rights of the Pakistani people; especially the Pakistani women. Instead our hard earned tax dollars have went towards building up the Pakistani military, who in return use those weapons we paid for to shoot at our troops.

What’s amazing about all of this, is that our government leaders, the media, and the general population are accepting it as no big deal, so what if a few of our troops are killed in the process; it’s the economy stupid. The way this incident is being ignored is proof in this particular war, only a chosen few are doing the sacrificing. What happened to the days when America went to war, the whole country went to war? I’ll answer my own question, the general population has taken the attitude, as long as I or any of my family members doesn't have to do any of the fighting, let’s just fight on until we accomplish victory. However, not one of these paper tigers can explain what victory entails. These same people who tie ribbons around their trees surrounding their perfect manicured lawns pounding their chest shouting USA!!! USA!!! Are the same people who forget about the young soldier off in a foreign land when their trees they tied those ribbons around are threatened by the economy.

Now we find ourselves at the mercy of the same people who were wrong about everything in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq and telling us that the economy is fundamentally strong. It’s ironic we see these same people on all of the network talk shows masquerading as think tank experts. In the mean time all of the people who got it right about the war and the economy are not given a platform by the government or the media. The way I see it, we've become a nation of gullible sheeples, (translation: a nation of people who follow along like sheep believing any and everything our government tell us without questioning or challenging any of it).

I’ll end with this, I saw today one of the polls have 20% of Whites won’t vote for Barack Obama because he’s Black. I’m hoping the poll was wrong, as much as I believe in most Americans to overwhelm those who choose to participate in bigotry; I refuse to allow myself to sink to the level of naïveté on this subject. I know some Whites will say, what about the 90% of Blacks that will vote for Barack Obama because he's Black; I don't believe that poll either. I believe the majority of Americans, White or Black will vote for Barack Obama because they want and believe Barack Obama is the only candidate who will bring about the change that will benefit them and their love ones. A wise person said to me long ago, allow your common sense to lead you in the right direction; if for some reason you allow your heart to lead you blindly, make sure it's not a vital decision. (MeMe).

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Anonymous said...

Many of America's citizens know more about American Idol than they know about American politics. Reality TV has taken the place of reality. Blind patriotism is the norm and dissension is a lost art in this post 9/11 world. Keep up the real talk!