Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What The Media Won't Discuss In This Presidential Campaign

The media seems to be quick to have the lead story of the day to be about "Lipstick On A Pig" and other non-sense that doesn't affect the average American. Everyday we hear political pundits ask the question, "with the majority of the American population dissatisfied with the direction of the country, why can't Barack Obama pull away from John McCain." I know the answer to that question. Day after day we see polls indicating that Barack Obama is just not connecting with the 'White' blue collar worker. I know the reason for that. A few months ago Barack Obama was 16 points up in the polls on the question, who is better prepared to fix the economy, today (09/16/08) Obama is 3 points up. With the economy in the shape it's in today, why is it that Obama's numbers are dropping in the polls on the subject of the economy? I know the answer to that question. For months political pundits have said, the reason why Obama can't close the deal is because people just don't know him. One prominent political pundit, Gloria Borger went so far to say, "the reason why the 'White' blue collar workers are not connecting with Obama is because he's different from any Presidential candidate we have ever had." I know what she meant when she said Obama is different. Okay, now I'll address the questions and statements I made. The real plain and simple answer to all of the questions and statements are because Barack Obama is "BLACK". Even Dr. Phil who career was launched by a Black woman (Oprah Winfrey) set there on Larry King and gave nothing but accolades to Gov. Sarah Palin, saying he hasn't made up his mind who he was going to vote for. The only reason Dr. Phil is having a hard time deciding who he's voting for is because he hasn't quite brought himself to vote for a Black man. The majority of 'White' America feel this way, this is the real reason this race is this close; this is what the media refuses to discuss. We go on our lunch breaks at work and talk about everything but race relations in America; the core reason for this is corporate America has deemed it taboo to discuss at work. We all know we have 'White' friends who we socialize with that we dare not to talk about race relation issues that America are confronted with. To prove my point I challenge any journalist and political pundit to pose the question, if Barack Obama was 'White' with the same political views would he have the support of the 'White' blue collar workers; this is what the media won't discuss. We hear political pundits making the point that Barack Obama enjoys 90% of the Black vote. What those same political pundits don't say, since the passing of the Voters Rights Act in 1965 until now, Blacks voted 100% for 'White' men. Are those Blacks to be considered prejudice because they voted 100% of the time for 'White' men? Did any of those pundits ever stop to think until now those Black voters didn't have a choice but to vote for 'White' men.

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