Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Gov. Sarah Palin's email account was breached by a hacker today (09/17/08) and the outrage was enormous by the media. Some called for a government investigation (Bill O'Reilly) citing it was one of the worst things that could happen in America. I have to admit, I'm totally against anybody hacking into anyone personal email account.

Can we please get pass the phony outrage. A few months ago in August, a crazed gunman walked into a Democratic Campaign Headquarters and shot Little Rock Arkansas state Democratic Party Chairman Bill Gwatney dead. We heard just a snippet of the Democratic Chairman's tragedy shooting from the media.

We have gotten to the point in the eyes of the media, anything Gov. Palin is front page news. Gov. Palin has a headache, every news media outlet will run it as the lead story of the day. Gov. Palin teenage daughter was impregnated while still in high school, and it became the lead story of the day. Oh dam I forgot!!! disregard that last sentence, Gov. Palin's teenage daughter pregnancy is the the personal matter of her and her family and any comments about it are off-limits to the media.

However, if you're Black or Latino, or any other person of color, you and your family are branded as irresponsible and a disgrace to America's Christian heritage. Must be wonderful to be White and privileged in America.


Anok said...

Well said! Just remember, only a few more weeks of this media nightmare....

Anonymous said...

Brother, you are voice that would have been shout up and beat down when we were coming of age in the sixties. I look forward today when we join together as Americans for the better good for all people no matter the race background. Press on my brother towards the cause of the better good.