Saturday, September 6, 2008


Let's just go through a few things about Barack Obama and Sarah Palin, and see if we can find any differences in the treatment by the media of both candidates.

The New Yorker magazine portrayed Barack Obama as a Muslim with a portrait of Osama Bin Laden on his wall, and Michelle Obama as a sixties radical. There were a few media outlets who made mild comments about the magazine's portrayal of Obama was inappropriate.

US magazine portrayed Sarah Palin as a mother of five with a teenage daughter who became pregnant while still in high school; every media outlet was outraged and came to Sarah Palin's defense. The reaction to the portrayal of Sarah Palin by US magazine was equivalent to Russia invading Atlanta, Georgia.

Barack Obama draw large crowds when he gives a speech on the campaign trail, the media deems him as a celebrity and a rock star, even comparing him to the likes of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton; from the media's point of view, this was a bad thing. They even go on to label him as aloof, presumptuous, and arrogant; we all know those are code words with a different meaning when applied to a person of color.

Sarah Palin gives a speech and drew a large crowd, and just like Obama, the media branded her as a celebrity and a rock star. The difference, the media view Palin's celebrity status as the best thing ever happened to America. The words aloof, presumptuous, and arrogant was nowhere to be found in describing Palin's rock star status.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and John McCain after becoming the nominee and Vice President pick of their respective parties immediately went on the Sunday morning talk shows.

John McCain campaign released a statement saying, Sarah Palin isn't ready to face the media for questions, or the campaign isn't ready for her to face the media. We have a person in a position to become the leader of the free world, President of the richest and the most powerful country on earth; but she's not ready to meet the press. In Sarah Palin's defense, an argument can be made that the Presidency is easier than venturing into a media frenzy.

There's no secret Barack Obama got far more media coverage than John McCain throughout their campaign; John McCain even complained about it. Here's the secret, Barack Obama received far more negative coverage than John McCain throughout their campaign; Barack Obama didn't complain.

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