Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain - Obama Debate

Usually when I write a post on my Blog I’m excited and just can’t wait to start writing. I must admit, I had to persuade myself to write something about one of the most anticipated debates since the Kennedy and Nixon debate.

One of the main things I was disappointed with the debate was Barack Obama’s demeanor, that’s probably due to my demeanor rather than Barack’s. The guy just doesn't seem to show enough passion and emotion for me; OK, what I really mean is the guy just doesn't seem to get pissed off enough for me. This has nothing to do with whether or not I believe Obama won the debate tonight, I definitely believe he did. But I still wish Obama would be a little more forceful, especially since he’s debating with an older person; and we all know the majority of us allow our elders to talk down to us every now and then in the name of respect.

Barack Obama appeared to be the calm statesman, even when John McCain repeated old lines (lies) he has constantly placed in his campaign commercials (Barack Obama will raise taxes on people earning $42,000). And once again John McCain reminded all of us that he was a POW. McCain continuously reminded viewers about Obama not admitting the surge in Iraq was successful. Obama shot back reminding McCain if he and the Bush administration wouldn't have made one of the worst decisions in American history to invade Iraq in the first place, the surge would have been null and void; even with that, I still believe Obama should have been more forceful with his response.

As for the state of the economy situation most of Americans find themselves in today, I refuse to go into a long dialogue about it. To steal one of Chris Rock lines, we have John McCain worth about $100 million with approximately seven homes and Barack Obama worth about $1 million with one home; if John McCain go into foreclosure on three of his homes, he still have four other homes to live in. If Barack Obama goes into foreclosure he’s homeless; who do you think is closer to the reality of the average American?

The choice is clear, if you believe the people who was wrong about everything about the lead up to the war in Iraq are right about everything now; then you should vote for McCain. If you can look yourself in the mirror and convince yourself that you’re better off than you were eight years ago; then you should vote for McCain. Like I said earlier, I refuse to go into a long dialogue about it. If you believe your life is worst than it was eight years ago, then vote for Obama.

I know a lot of people will ask the question when they read this, why didn't I mention anything about the $700 Billion bail out for the Wall Street guys. I left that out on purpose, I’ll say one thing about this issue; these are the same people who viewed middle class working people as beggars. Now these same people are begging you to bail them out, I’ll leave it up to the readers of this Blog to decide if the millionaires on Wall Street should be bailed out or not.

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